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Welcome to Readsy Deals Who Are We?

Readsy Deals was started by my significant other. She is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR.
Learning the craft through my wife, how to get your books in front of valuable readers. They are all tasks that require amounts of work and time, and I started Readsy Deals to bring new and established authors to their readers and vice versa. Helping readers finding new novels in the genre they love, and helping authors finding their new readers.


For AUTHORS: We like to give back by helping you with our monthly reading bundles to gain subscribers and promoting your novel to all our readers. We will soon start running a service for ads, like Facebook, and Amazon at a very affordable price.

For READERS: We offer you loads of monthly giveaways and free and bargain reads to feed your reading addiction. All the titles are very carefully selected to bring you the best that Indie and Traditional Published authors have to offer.